Green Coffee Bean Max Review

green cofee bean max weight loss resultsHave you heard about the green coffee bean extract that is supposed to be an aid in weight loss? Many people are saying that, along with diet and exercise, this extract has the ability to boost weight loss. In our studies on the extract, we have found that the facts are there to support these experiences.

It is a fact that green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid. This acid is known to burn off the glucose that is in our body. Our bodies naturally use glucose for energy, and when the glucose runs out, our bodies use our fat for energy. This is what is so great about green coffee bean extract, it can literally help us burn off more fat because there is less glucose to burn off and our bodies are able get to the fat-burning faster.

One weight loss product called Green Coffee Bean Max takes advantage of this fact by using green coffee bean extract as the only ingredient in their weight loss aid. And in our Green Coffee Bean Max review, we found out exactly why it is becoming the number one place to get your green coffee bean extract from.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Max Work

Since it is made from 100% green coffee beans and contains 50% chlorogenic acid, it works to effectively burn off glucose in your body and aid in weight loss. This amazing green coffee benefit comes from the fact that the green coffee beans are not roasted, which is what causes them to lose around 90% of the natural chlorogenic acid that they contain.

Natural green coffee beans are a light color, and if anyone ever tries to tell you that dark roasted green coffee beans offer the same benefit as non-roasted green coffee beans, you will know that they are trying to scam you into believing that their product promotes weight loss. Without the chlorogenic acid, no weight loss benefits are present.

tower banner 2Green Coffee Bean Max Benefits

First off, if you are worried about excess caffeine being in the product, don’t be. Unlike some products that utilize additional caffeine with the green coffee extract, Green Coffee Bean Max does not, which makes it a popular product for people who do not react well to stimulants. Natural green coffee beans do contain some caffeine; however, they are very low in caffeine and are not considered a stimulant that will keep you awake, wired, or just feeling weird.

Green Coffee Bean Max will help to balance the blood sugar by using up the glucose from food before it is released into the body. In addition, as we discussed before, the chlorogenic acid will help the body to burn more fat, which helps to increase the metabolic rate in the body. Together this will help you burn off more fat and boost your weight loss results.

In addition, you also get bonuses with this green coffee extract. We had never seen bonuses like this with a weight loss supplement before.

First, you get to become a member of their weight management club. This will provide you with extra information that will help you make the most out of your Green Coffee Bean Max.

Second, you will receive two free eBooks. One is titled ‘Weight Loss Secrets’, and it will teach you how to increase your metabolism even further. The second is titled ‘Summer Diets’, and it will teach you how to burn off more fat through your diet.

Studies Done On Green Coffee Bean Extract

One study published on January 18, 2012 gave some participants a placebo and others a high-dose of 1050 mg green coffee bean extract. Body weight, body fat, and body mass index were all taken into consideration for this study. The results were that the participants who took the green coffee bean extract all lost weight, fat, and body mass index. In fact, six of the participants went from pre-obesity to normal weight. (1)

Another study on obese mice compared the effects of caffeic acid (product of many plants including coffee beans) to the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean. What they found was that both acids were able to lower body weight, visceral fat, and cholesterol. However, the chlorogenic acid was the more potent of the two when it came to weight reduction and regulation of fat metabolism. (2)

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Green Coffee Bean Max, made up of 100% pure green coffee beans and 50% chlorogenic acid, will do exactly what it promises to do; it will help you lose weight. Since there are no other ingredients or additives, it is a safe product to use for promoting weight loss. In addition, the bonuses make it the ‘go to’ place to buy green coffee extract on the Internet.




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